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First post in a while

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Since photobucket was lost I haven’t managed to post any pics of my outings so hopefully this will work. 

I had a trip down to Devon planned for last Saturday afternoon so I only had the morning to shoot. I decided to shoot the morning flight and be packed up for 11. I set up just as it was getting light in the thick fog with little hope of much success. I started with 15 plastics as I had no dead birds for the magnet. The first bird came in and was added to the flapper. After 2 hours the fog started to thin out and the birds started moving and it was pretty much non stop shooting with 2 good lines coming to the field. I stayed as long as possible but eventually had to call it a morning to pack up and sort the birds out. I finished with 204 pigeon. The birds were still trying to come in with me and the dog walking round the pattern picking up. If I could of stayed the day it would of been a 300+ bag



https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdpymhsxwts754k/Photo 23-02-2019%2C 12 57 51.jpg?dl=0


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Well done B_B we could hear shooting in the distance and thought it was " World War Three" so we knew somebody had found them. You deserve your bag as you have put the miles in this year and gained more shooting ground, so this is your pay back. It's a pity you did not have your shotcam fitted it would have been a epic as long as you deleted the expletives.

Great result well done, as you know I believe in Karma, you've put the hours in and gained the result.

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Bloody hell, bet your barrels were hot shooting that many in such a short time, well done, how were the birds coming, ones, twos, small groups?

With this last week or so being so warm and sunny and the rape showing new growth it made me wonder if the pigeons had gone into spring rape mode, as some will know shooting over spring rape can produce some very big bags, just a thought.:hmm:

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