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SMK SYNXS strip down

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To make myself clear - my advice was also aimed at anybody on here buying and then having problems. However - I am going to try and explain to you the FACTS - you bought the gun from a UK based shop yes? For gods sake stop talking about SMK - it has NOTHING to do with them - it is 100% down to who you paid the money to - why are you bleating on about trade pacts????? Not once did I suggest getting TS to take on your case - why would I? - you can approach them for advice but not much else. I would respectfully ask you to name the person you spoke to at trading standards regarding your dealer being simply an Agent - Bullpoo - pm me with details if you like and I will gladly have a word. I know consumer law - your response is totally irrelevant to my attempt to assist you - why not name the dealer as they have sold you a dud? READ THE 2015 CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT - unless you bought the gun before1st October 2015 in which case the Sale of Goods Act protected you.

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10 hours ago, Chrisjay89 said:

@jantar do you happen to have any pics of the trigger mechanism as you put it back together as I am struggling with my one

He hasn't been on since March 10th 2019 mate. 

I think the system is very similar to a Remington express, might be worth a look. 

Also a site called the ukchineseairgunforum which had loads of info, but i can't seem to access it atm

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