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Essex Masters

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Finished the red course today and have to say I was cack on both courses. Let far to many singles and the odd pair away after hitting the them no probs.

Had a three on a stand on the black yesterday and a three today on the daft easy mini orange and white quartering targets over the pond.

Hit all the skipping water targets and missed my second looper.behind. Missed middle two of the water rabbit clays hitting the all high loopers.

Enjoyable shoot but wind caught a few clays later in the day on black. Especially the battue at the end.

I struggled to see some of the white clays that where showing some belly if the back ground was broken white clays or tree branches and cloudy sky. The older among our group all said the same made them camouflaged.

Think the restrictions on noise making the ground smaller and stands closer together limited the range of clays they could throw, hence so many teals and qaurtering targets to keep your shot in a smaller area and direction.

The softer which should be easier targets done most damage to my cards letting pairs get away.

Looking forward to next year now.

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I shot a 5 and a 7 on the water targets. I shot the close stuff and the teals / quartering well but after shooting straight at so many clays I was well behind the longer stuff. Finished on 172.

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