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A friend right shoulders his gun but is left eye dominant and is looking for an aid that can help with correcting/assisting with improving his sight line .

I have no experience re this matter and would appreciate opinions of what is offered on the market.

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10 minutes ago, Dave at kelton said:

You can just put tape across the left eye of shooting glasses assuming he cannot close that eye whilst keeping the right open.

I've the same issue. Have tried 2 different custom made crossover stocks, shooting left handed, various aiming aids such as luminous add on beads, etc etc. I couldn't independantly close my left eye. 

The best solution I've found is a well fitting gun and a small piece of tape over the left lens of shooting glasses. If I tried that at the start, I wouldve saved a fortune. 

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Was with Ben Husthwaite last week and he has a new eye domination correction sight coming out very soon

Watched a guy who had no master eye either one could take over as he rose his gun. 

Once fitted on his barrel he went from 40/0 to 8/8 on a long left to right high roller it was very impressive to watch.

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I'm not going to **** on his parade, he has a couple of tweeks to make before it goes to production but Shaun the Sheep on here has also been testing it for Ben and his scores have improved I've noticed. His ref skills are still questionable 😉 

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I shoot left handed but have a right master eye. What works for me is, I keep both eyes open maximising binocular vision right up until I'm about to take the shot, then close my right eye. This way, range, distance, speed etc of the target (live quarry, I don't shoot clays) can be assessed just prior to pulling the trigger. 

Not necessarily the best method for quick snap shots but it works well enough for me.


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My eye dominance switched to left after a medical issue.

I struggled for some time but now I hard focus on the leading edge of the target and the barrels dissappear.

I shoot as soon as the gun is mounted.

The gun must fit you well, for this to work.


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