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Excess insurance for motorhome hire

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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a company that does good value excess insurance for motorhome hire? Found a couple on the internet, but a recommendation would be good if anyone has one...


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I've used Icarhireinsurance in the past, they were the cheapest I could find.

I had this e-mail from them last week, it looks like premiums have gone up significantly..?

Your iCarhireinsurance.com policy is due to expire in 7 days on 16-04-2019 and it looks like you haven’t renewed yet.

Last year you purchased:

Excess Europe Annual

Van and Campervan - Upgrade

Total paid: Excess Europe Annual(£48.07)

If you decide to renew your policy today, the total price, including will be:


Not travelling for a while or going somewhere different?
You can defer the start date of your next policy by up to 6 months, and if you’re planning to travel to a different territory this year you can change your policy options within our renewals portal.


As ever with insurance, loyalty doesn't pay, so shop around..!


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Thanks. I looked at them, but they said they wouldn't insure us if the rental provider (Canadream) didn't have their own CDW policy, which apparently they do not.

But Canadream do offer insurance, so there would only be an excess to pay - so I think it's CDW by another name, and the above policy would probably work! They're also the cheapest I've seen by a fair way.

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