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Pellets and Target DIY


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Just a couple of DIY ideas.

Use Biro Pens to carry Pellets instead of Rattling Pellet Tins.The cheap Biros you get from Poundland work well and you can keep about 26 .177 and about 25 Pellets in each Pen.Unscrew the end, remove ink refil andput your Pellets in ,Head end toward the screw in cap, put a bit of Kitchen Roll in the end or foam to prevent rattle.

Easy to slip into a  Pocket

Keep Milk Carton Caps or Water Bottle Caps,Glue them onto a Wooden Clothes Peg at the point where you open and close the peg,not the grip end.

These are great for Targets and checking Scope Aim as they will go on twigs, fence wire etc and are cheap to make too.

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I have two 10 shot mags for my AA S200 and three speed loaders for my TX200. Then a old bullet box with about 50 spare pellets and my second magazine, with foam in the bottom and top.  The pen is a good idea but I would be frightened of them all coming out together.

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