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Natural England ban Pigeon and Crow Shooting


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For those People not aware.

It is illegal from today to shoot Pigeons,Crows,Magpies,Corvids,MagpiesJays And lots more.

Chris Packham crowd funded Lawyers to bring a case against the Govt. stating the General Licence for pest control is illegal, so the Govt has introduced a ban.

This will impact Farmers,Brewers ,Dairy Farmers,Game Keepers,Rifle sales,Pest Controllers,Sports and put food prices up and increase the mortality of Songbirds.

We must protest .

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22 minutes ago, JJsDad said:

Think you must have been dozing somewhere; this topic has been discussed at length since the news broke ! But feel free to give NE a piece of your mind. 👍

Sorry for being late to the discussion.Been stuck on Household DIY all week  ,only heard about it on Youtube,while I was having my Breakfast this morning.Has it been on the TV ?( unlikely on the BBC ).

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