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With the current legal situation I'm not sure what you can report or show on an open forum. I had a request in the week for fifty fresh pigeon, defiantly not frozen and thawed. I mentioned this to a local PW member who went out on Friday and procured thirty four , thanks BB. DB and myself went out today and found a few pigeons on clover. When we approached the farmer he said OK but one must reduce the corvids in the animal sheds, so we split and the resulting totals are as follows wood pigeons thirty six , corvids seventy and five magpies. So we have seventy pigeons to keep the customer happy. Sorry for the brief report.

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THANKS for the report P C  , not your normal standard but any report is better than nothing and at least we know you are up and running , or at least walking ☺️

What a strange situation we are now in , yesterday afternoon I passed a couple of hours on a Pea field , things were slow but I was getting the odd shot and a smallish bag of pigeons , listening to the football match and enjoying the countryside , now the strange bit , as I was fairly near a cattle shed there were a lot more corvids presenting themselves for a shot than there were pigeons , I knew I was on the right side of the law with me shooting the pigeons that had been eaten the young Pea plants , but I wasn't sure about the situation if I had knocked out a few Crows , to be on the safe side I left them alone until what you can and cant do become clearer , if it ever will .:hmm:

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