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well not got a problem now ive sold it !!

great gun let down by **** poor quality control.bought gun new last april prior to sending it back for new finish on action( it had gone a much lighter colour about as big as your thumb on action ) .

had a problem with barrel could not get marks out of top barrel look like half circles nothing would shift it  .so back to gun dealer who could not remove it either so they put bore scope down ,yep its back to blaser . blaser put  new finish on action but said barrel was cleaned and it was plastic  (really ). they did not put new finish on barrel even tho it was thin in one place .

got it home looked good new finish ,did dry mounting  and  --------------------------------------------------------------------------

sticker fell off  *** !!!!!!!! . dealer ordered new stickers got 3 sets went to park lodge  . same problem in top barrel if you looked real close something not right with chrome not smooth best i can describe it . px blaser cost me money but but now got peace of mind .

pros blaser great handling gun cons every thing else  


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They have had a fair amount of problems. Not good on a expensive clay buster designed to take the punishment.

A friend had to have new ejectors fitted to a quite new F3 Pro the carts were dropping under them.  Took ages as no parts in UK all used up waiting for more at the time. He was not a happy chap.  The new coatings on them are more eco friendly but didn't take and bond as well as to the guns as the finish they had been using.  Mate said it's supposed to be sorted out now. 

Not a brand I'd be happy spending my money on a new gun. Older ones has issues with barrels and internals. Then they made some good guns then the recent issues.

What gun did you change too?

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I have heard this only to frequently.

Friend of mine had a brand new F16 which went back because the finish came off and it looked tatty after 6 months or so of use.  Another pal had ejection issues with his F3 I was considering one for a while but wont buy one now.  For me I would rather buy an older gun in good condition, as an example I have just acquired a late 1980's Beretta 682X Trap gun for less than a grand.  Its near mint, in original condition and came in its makers case.  For a gun of its age it looks better than some that are only a few years old, and has made me decide that I'll always buy guns that are of an older vintage as long as theyre in good condition and not messed about with.

Such a shame as I really liked the Blaser's I have shot.

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Wingman not all are bad. 

Buy one four or five years old that's had little use and it should be fine. If ejectors need doing not a big job.

Only Blasers I really like are the high end side plated game guns.

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It is interesting to hear from owners that they are having significant problems with their F3

I have had an F3 Super Luxus from new for 7 years and other than the upgrade to change the barrel locking bite (it was a bit tight to open), the gun has been faultless and there is almost no sign of mechanical or aesthetic wear despite a fair amount of use.

Perhaps Blaser need to look to the American made version of their shotguns which seem to be of a much better standard. 


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Ha ha never had a problem in seven years. But had to have a upgrade fitted as the locking mechanism was inferior.

Good on blaser to fix them but shouldn't have needed to in first place. They should have had the design right.

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My 2015 F3 Vantage, bought second hand last year is in for service at Mulliners - got an Email from Ian Mulliner this week to say that the barrels are to be replaced under warranty and are awaited from the factory...I have no idea what's wrong with them, the gun shot perfectly.

Testament to the thoroughness of the service and Blaser standing by the product when it's in the hands of it's second owner some 6 years down the road.  Impressed.

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One of our club members was shooting his second f16 the other day and the stock cracked and totally came apart.

he had just been praising its shooting qualities, German engineering etc.

For the record, no idea of this is typical or not. First time I've seen a stock crack from shooting in front of me. 

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