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Having a clear out of my shooting room and have the following for sale
1) Dutch army boots size 7(41)£35 posted
2) Cheek riser for shotgun stock £35 posted
3) 2 x Niggeloh neoprene rifle sling with sling swivels £20 each posted as new.
4)2 x Ammunition Wallet  holds 6 rounds up to 3006 size as new £12 posted
5)2 x Black super sling with swivels unused £27 posted each.
6) 2 x 50 cal bottle openers £8 each posted







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Gentlemen due to a diabetic incident I was in hospital for a few days everything was posted Friday 28th some items were received Saturday  if you didn't get them Saturday you will probably get them monday.Very sorry for being ill I will try not to do it again.

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I’m glad to hear you’re ok. Strange you chose not to respond to any messages whilst actively reading them though.

It’s a shame that you chose to add the smarmy comment on the end. 


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