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First Barbel of the year...

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2 hours ago, gsalmons said:


At the moment no signs of otters - or mink either. The stretch is somewhat remote and the 'spot' a fair walk. It features plenty of wildlife to keep me entertained when the fish aren't playing!

However, I've heard some nightmares on other stretches, especially more locally on the Derwent where otters have had out fish the same size.

It's a bit of a poisoned chalice though - I love my barbelling (and pike in winter), but understand otters have to exist too...….

My bro fishes syndicate carp waters and they've lost fish touching 40lb!

With regard to gear - I keep it simple - 12lb mainline, 15lb gravel camo braid hooklink, size 6 with a hair-rigged 10/12mm boilie. Open feeder with hemp & pellets. Although may have to use bigger hooks / baits to put off the snotties....

Gonna be a while before I get back on there due to work so will post as & when

The otter question was aimed at Dougy and the Dove.

I have never believed mink are a problem for fish; every other bankside creature, yes, but fish, no.

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No otters.

 It seems an accumulation of Severn Trent clearing the Tutbury stretch of all fish holding points, ie over hanging Willows, removing decent size trees from the banks, and other work on the banks, which after some heavy flooding moved the decent fish, and being heavily over fished. 

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