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Hi all, over to you,

I have had this rifle stored in my loft for the past 13 years, it was lent to me then the owner asked me to keep it for him while he sorted himself out. Well time has moved on and I have lost touch completely with him, don't know were he is or any contact number. It's a .22 sub 12 ft lbs single shot genuine left hander, there is no makers name only the serial number S.W.P.2700HS ,also no pressure gauge on the cylinder,no safety catch, bolt on mod with no baffles and there's still air in it, any ideas .





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As hawkfanz says later on to falcon. 

1563987702735.jpgthat's a fn19 in 177. Youve a different bolt set up, where yours is an external locking mechanism, internal on the fn and worse for it. There is a tiny (and i mean tiny) o ring on that allen key screw at the back that slots into the internal bolt locking mech as the guide. It's an absolute bitch to get on with out it being nicked. That system looks a lot better. 


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