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I suppose......

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it could be classed as equipment.   I have a number of places I can shoot squirels, some I can just sit in the Landie and shoot from the passenger window but some are bit little bit tricky to get in a good position AND the fliptops are set for the air rifle.  One of my farmers asked me if I had any use for some IBC frames and of course being me I said yes. Then I realised with a bit of fettling they could be made into some excellent blinds for squirrel but also if you had an elevated spot then for foxing, deer etc etc.  Just picked the first three up and cut one which was badly bent other than the two centre sections which fitted on the top of the better one.  Cut a doorway in the end of that where it was also a bit bent .  The plastic container on one was badly damaged on the side I would have cut the roof from but the other end which is slightly smaller fitted well enough to keep rain off should I get a shower.  Anyway with some cheapy camo tied round the sides and a bench fitted across on the shooting side it should make a good ambush location.  Again these would have been crushed and scrapped but now have a new lease of life for many years to come I hope.


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