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Utter **** wit 50 grains .too low a volume.seems for whatever the reasoning ,better patterns can be achieved with TSS and a percussion gun when you raise the powder charge.70 grains perhaps even 75.I patterned 11/4 oz at 45 yards and its a dead goose .Bout what you would expect from a lead round using full choked .Now that aint 70 yards--but then again this aint TSS 18 its TSS 15.I dont normally shoot at geese beyond 40-45 yards with my 3.5 s/s gun so i dun want to start doing it with  a percussion black powder job really either.Im content i have a black powder gun that will drop birds humanely at normal ranges.Jobs a good un. single overshot wad on top of the 70 grians of 777 powder,  one ounce of TSS   in a fibre cup with 20g thick spacer placed in the cup after the wad is seated in the bore otherwise it wont twist in .Overshot card wad on top of shotcolumn.Done.


Closer birds can be taken with bismuth or steel .Cylinder choke on my percussion both barrels  ,i would not be happy throwing steel out at geese beyond 30-35 yards

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On 03/08/2019 at 12:46, Stonepark said:

Alliants own Reloaders Guide is here,  but again no 1oz loads with Steel Powder.


The Lyman 5th edition has a 1oz HeaviShot Loading as follows:

Fio 2 3/4 case, fed 209a primer

34gr Steel  powder 2 3/4 TPS wad trimmed an 1/8 inch to fit, 1 no 20g 1/8 felt and 1 no 20g 1/4 felt both under shot,

mylar wrap with 15gr no47 buffer and 16g .03inch over hot card under crimp (seals buffer)

for 1345fps and 8400psi.

For 1 1/8  loading is identical except the following changes are 32.5gr powder and 18gr buffer for 1335 fps and 10100psi


This load a tested one?

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