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More sensationalist journalism

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More likley to get hit by a bus or a car or probably a push bike in town than a "high velocity round " 

Also .

So he was out walking his dog enjoying the countryside yep ? He has every right to do so and wouldnt want that to be infringed .but as soon as some one else shooting is doing the same ,they want to infringe his rights ,so they can continue with what they like doing best .


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Someone with a rifle wearing a hunting jacket? On the evidence available, It's reasonable to conclude the man's a hunter, going about his lawful business.......as there is no evidence available to the contrary, it is not reasonable to conclude he is a poacher! 

To allege the guy was a poacher is at best mischievous conjecture, whether it be deliberate or otherwise? We will probably never know! 

But it smacks of the tactics of the protectionists!

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Don't Plod in this area have the brainpower to simply ask the owner of the land on which the man was seen if they have given shooting permission to anyone ?  If the fella is on a high field above a well walked-around reservoir then he's going to be seen and heard by all and sundry. Not somewhere a poacher is likely to lurk (if he has an ounce of common sense), but perfectly OK for a safety conscious shooter to operate.

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