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Went to look at a farm I shoot yesterday, not a lot about, on my way back home I passed a couple of huge fields  with I would reckon had a 1000 plus birds on,my mate reckons more like 2000,I decided to park up and have a cuppa and watch them,there were birds streaming in over my car ,I saw a tractor turn into a track further down the road, I decided to turn around and see if it was the farmer, by the time I drove up the track I could not see where he went, there was no where to turn around so I had to keep going up this track, we eventually ended up in a big court yard,where I spoke to someone on a quad bike,asked if the land I seen all the  birds on was his,he said no I only work for the farmer,he then told me which house to go to,and who to ask for,which I did, I knocked on the door, and a little old lady answered, I asked if they had anyone shooting on the farm  she said the dont allow any shooting on there land,I thanked her  and said sorry if I had disturbed her, and started to walk away, feeling gutted especially as the amount of birds I had seen, I was getting back into my car when her husband called me back,and asked me if I was talking about the top fields, I said yes ,he said his labourer  had just told him the fields are covered in birds hammering his crop, and are  taken no notice of the gas guns,so if you have a proper licence  and give me a copy,and my phone number,then yes go ahead shoot as many as you can, so therefore the next time I pass any fields with birds on,I will definitely go and ask at the  farm  just in case, on my way back from his house  I pulled up on the side of the road  where the birds were coming in,got out the shotgun hopped over the hedge,and knelt down,no camo net or decoys,  I shot shot 21 birds out of the 25 cartridges I had in my belt, as soon as this rain stops I will be back to them fields, but I will be better prepared, ONE HAPPY SHOOTER, ps,can anyone tell me what would be the best camera to take with me to record when I am shooting, thanks Dave.

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Yes your right getthegat,I did drop a hint that I shoot on a farm a couple of miles away, and they said they knew the farmer, so I went back on Sunday and took my  shooting gear, crikey when I pulled up I swear there was more birds on the 2 fields that were there on Thursday and Friday, I decided to walk abit of hedgerow and stopped at the first telegraph pole,absolutely knackered when I got to it,only carried shogun and 2 pockets full of cartridges, (wish I was 10 yes younger)anyway I shot for  until my cartridges ran out, absolutely brilliant, I drove abit further along the road and pulled into another gateway to another field, and low and behold absolutely covered with birds, was abit more easier walking so filled my pockets again and walked about 100yrds,yet again done all my shells in, going to come back on wed,and have another go,might try and carry my gear this time,,(if I don't collapse first),tried to video birds from my phone, not very good, that's why asking what's a good cam ,20190818_121600.jpg.c0cec37bed938fceced6696953a8a700.jpg

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Well I went on Wednesday to shoot the crop,met the farmer he asked me if my vehicle was any good at pulling stuff, I said no problem it pulls like a tank,he asked if I would pull a trailer with a ladder trap on to the other end of the farm,,so I done that, he asked if I would shoot the farm buildings before I went on the crop, I said I only had my shotgun and my 22 live,he said take one of the farm hands and tell him what to do,after nearly 3 hours, of going building to building, and god know how many birds I shot,with the lad going into all the buildings from the rear and me at the front, then the farmer pulled up and said I cant thank you enough for helping him out today, he said okay the farm is yours to shoot whenever I like, he then says he will sort out my expenses (ie diesel and cartridges)I nearly passed out, I told him there is no way I would except anything towards my shooting costs, and getting the land to shoot was more than I had wanted so we shook hands and I said I would see him on Friday, so hopefully I might get on the field 2morrow,,mind if he asks me to do the sheds again then absolutely yes,I tried to put videos showing all the birds that are still hammering the  crop, but says only allowed so many mega bytes,tried to crop  but still won't let me,so put a few photos instead. 


On 20/08/2019 at 15:52, JDog said:

That's the way to do it.

Just get the farmer's number and keep him updated about your successes.



Farmer offers to pay me,

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