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the hitman

Day on stubble

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I had spotted a few pigeons flitting about a large area of about 8 stubble fields but hadn’t had the time to do a proper recce.

A good westerly was blowing so I decided to have a little sortie out. I spotted a few flighting up a willow lined ditch that separated 2 stubble fields, and quickly decided where to set up.

After about 20 minutes I realised that I was in the wrong field and should have set up on the other side of the willows, so I picked up my decoys and 2 shot pigeons and moved.

Decoys out again and magnet spinning the pigeons started to fly past clearly going somewhere else however I was more or less under the line.

I was beginning to think that a bag of 20 was possibly until about 1pm when things picked up and passing pigeons started heading straight into the decoys having spotted the magnet.

One memorable shot was a second barrel that occurred after killing an easy first barrel pigeon totally committed to the decoys I took a crack a second bird well out which dropped dead. I paced it out to 52 yards not bad for a 28g no 7 and certainly a fluke shot for me.

I called it a day at 3.45pm as I had promised to take Mrs H for a drink in town, and a quick hunt of the willows with the dog I picked exactly 50 pigeons so I was well chuffed.

It was a enjoyable day in the sun and wind, and a good run out for my 13 year old cocker who will dream well tonight.





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