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FX Wildcat MK1 Owners suggested Mod.

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So there I am - in the rare situation of being offered several possible sitting Magpies when my new Wildcat decides that it simply will not cock - shouting " $%&@##" at it appeared to make no difference so it was off to the workshop (Dining room table) for an autopsy. Removing the stock revealed the answer immediately - under the trigger unit the trigger rod is attached to the sear with a tiny (supposedly push fit?) pin - this had simply fallen out! What a poor design. Thinking cap on and I'm pretty sure I have cured the problem. Good old cheap disposable pens are the right internal dia to fix the problem - simply (with a junior hacksaw) cut a slot slightly wider than the sear lengthways for about 10 mm along the rear of the pens body - then cut the length to about 8 mm and clean up with a file - you should now have an 8mm long tube with a (roughly) 3mm slot along it's length - this will now slide over the rear trigger rod and prevent the tiny pin ever coming out again - looks good and doesn't foul anything.

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