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Oh Dear!

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Did anyone ever hear any more on the claim that the video was faked?  I dont follow clay shooting on here or other platforms, so it seems odd that the only mention of it is from a one-time poster with not other reference to it from others.

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23 hours ago, Zapp said:

Did anyone ever hear any more on the claim that the video was faked?

 A self confessed witness to the offence on a US shooting forum was very vocal over this matter and published a photo of the individuals `travelling` score card from the shooting on the Sunday.The score card was in pencil and contained a number of corrections in an upward direction. He claimed to have seen and reported evidence of the rather novel way that the master sheet was falsified and then the travelling card subsequently `adjusted` upward to match the master. The guy in question seemed to want to be not only a witness but judge, jury & executioner; instead of just leaving it to the shooting ground and NSCA to obtain witness statements from all involved.

He got all very hysterical about the whole thing, including how he received rather odd phone calls from the disqualified individual. A number of posts were subsequently deleted by the moderator and the thread locked pending a final decision by NSCA. At no point was there any mention of a video from any of the parties who joined in the discussion, some of whom claimed to have been present. The charge against the individual was apparently only for falsifying his score if the witness is to be believed.

While the video of the shooter in question may be genuine, it would appear highly likely to be from a totally different venue either months or even years earlier and nothing what-so-ever to do with the disqualification. Bit of mischief making by someone I would suggest.

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