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well.................i picked up a nearly rotten rump steak this morning....spinkled it wiv pepper and maldon sea salt....and then left it on de worktop for free hours....small new pots gentlt boiled and tossed in butter and fresh mint(loads of) and mushrooms shutacty type.....


steak dun hot for 3 and three///splosk of merloy and sigar ...redice...ova dqa steak and left for 3 mins


ate with dijon mustard ......glass (another) of the ole vino and im happy as larry and mortalled..............:good:

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1 hour ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

I think you drank more of the Merlot than you put on the steak!


23 minutes ago, Farmboy91 said:

Nahh that's just norkolk-ese

Pick up one of those novelty tea towels from the seaside and you'll be able to translate in no time 😂👍


8 minutes ago, ditchman said:

im totally slapped in the kisser....but recover soon

That blows your tea towel theory out of the water!

Ditchman's wasted AGAIN!

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