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Sparrow hawk In my garden.

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Sparrow hawks prey on my feeders but I put up some hanging lines that seemed to deter them. Loads of Buzzards here as well. One is in my field most days having a go at the fox bait.

We have red kites close to here now too and barn owls hunting the field at the end of the day. It is a wonder anything else can survive 🙂 

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On 02/10/2019 at 19:44, old'un said:

Agreed the magpie and squirrel will impact on bird numbers and I do my bit to keep numbers down with the air rifle and a Larsen, all I am saying is the Sparrowhawk takes far more birds in a year then the other two.

You may not have many around your area but we get spars visiting our garden at least a couple of times a day.

Yes so do we (north Norfolk coast)there has been a big reduction in sparrows and we get regular headless wood pigeons but what a hunter and a beautiful bird.

Also low flying buzzards.

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The argument that the sparrow hawk takes more prey than magpies and squirrels does not really hold water....pun not intended....there are far more magpies and squirrels than sparrow hawks.   I only have one pair in my wood/orchard/garden and they keep the other birds on their toes.  Squirels and magpies are NOT tolerated.

Great video.

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