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Went to a local area to walk the dogs and check on Sloes and Brambles and the crop of nuts.

Some of the largest skies and Hazelnuts I've ever seen. Where a tree would usually have a cluster of three there was a single large nut. Photo next to usual sized nuts off a tree near to where I picked the large nuts. They just fell as soon as you you he'd them, floor was covered in them. Early this year by around month.


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I have a Kentish Cob in my orchard and it is loaded with nuts and I hope to harvest a few in the next week or two. I have very little squirrel problem but the wood mice arand nuthatches are enjoying a few, but they will be adequate for me. I also have some 400 hazels which are now producing a huge harvest and again nut lovers are enjoying the feast. Had a report this evening from my friend who was just cycling down the lane by my wood to say he had just seen three tree rats run across the road towrds the wood, so work to do in the morning it seems.

Nothing quite like picking a wild harvest be it hazel nuts, blackbeeries or sloes and this year seems good for all three.   Enjoy!!

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