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KING air gun slugs

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Must be why as a kid all the old fellas used to say if gun. To me always air rifle and air pistol.

Oy recently with the increasing popularity of the FX slug liner barrels and neilsen slugs have I looked at the whole slug thing.

Maybe them old shooters knew a thing or two.

Them king slugs look so short they look as if they would tumble.

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My long departed grandad used to tell stories of netting off the hedges in the church yard to get sparrows to make into pies. He never really commented on the taste other than "tasted like sparrow" which doesn't help much. His dad was a butcher  his uncle a poacher and a bit of a card shark and this was deepest darkest Hampshire pre war. 

Mum says as a child there was always something hanging up by the rear door and once a pike soaking in the sink reanimated itself and smashed all the drying plates on the training board in the middle of the night. She claims to have never eaten sparrow pie but grandad said differently. He did say it took a fair few to make a pie and I got the impression it was more hard work than anything else. 

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1 hour ago, ditchman said:

you havnt eaten sparrow pie ....what was it like ?

As boys we used to trap and shoot hundeds of sparrows . My mother used to make sparrow pie as a treat . I carnt remember what it used to taste like but I loved it .


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I lived in Malta back in the mid 70s and ate many different species. "Hunting" was a passion of the locals and they shot for the pot and for trophies. Obviously it was a different time but, turtle dove, starling, thrush, sparrow (it's a long list) were all on the edible list. I certainly have a few stories. 

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