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A Mixed Bag

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Following my return from Greece I had a call out on Thursday to thin out some corvids on some direct drilled wheat. I eventually arrived at the field at 13.00 and was set up for 14.00, I had to call my first decoy and once I had one down the others followed but in groups of ten and fifteen. I could only shoot two and obviously spooked more than I shot. I had heavy showers blowing in from the west with a very strong wind , so the shooting was sporadic but very enjoyable. It all went quiet at about 16.30 so I packed up at 17.00 and picked up seventy corvids. As I left the field the farmer pulled up and was very pleased with the result so" Job Done".

Today, Saturday, I picket up DB at 09.00 and we set out looking. On my way through the city  I  had seen birds on Beech masts and acorns in the local parks. So it was going to be a challenge to find birds not in the woods under trees. We went on our normal route and after the third farm and not seeing any birds down or flighting we knew it would be difficult. At the fourth farm we found a field of cut maize which had been direct drilled with wheat. It had a good number of doves but only a few pigeons and crows , we watched it for twenty minutes but no new pigeons joined the existing flock. We decide to leave and continue looking, after a further seven farms we had not seen any better prospects, so we decided to return to the cut maize. We phoned the farmer and he told us to carry on, it was now getting on as the time we set up was 13.00 and we shot till 17.00. We were plagued by doves which made it instictive shooting as you would have half dozen doves with on woody in the middle. The corvids were wary and came over us very high but not high enough. We also had no pigeon decoys so we had to shoot our first birds to get corvids and pigeon decoys. We ended the day with fortyfive corvids and fiftytwo pigeons which was a good result for the number of miles we had driven.




70 corvids

45corvids and 52 Pigeons

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