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Lakeside, wymeswold

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First post here

i normally go down lakeside to shoot however the person I used to shoot with isn't as keen/interested so I seem to be going shooting more on my own down there. Is there anyone on here up for meeting up down there for shooting or if I can tag onto someone else's group? Normally shoot down there on the weekend and occasional in the week depending on work. 


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Hello and welcome.

I don't shoot clays. The nearest facility is not for me - NOT a criticism, it simply doesn't offer what I'd be looking for. On the other hand I have family in Leicester and on the odd occasion we go up this is where we spend Sunday morning. I won't mention the breakfast. There are more than sufficient stands where you can imagine yourself in a hide and shooting pigeon. Not literally, but you get the drift. I thoroughly enjoy being there and suspect many are there for the same reason as me although there are other targets on offer as well. Staff and shooters are a real friendly bunch in the main so hopefully you'll find someone.

It's just a shame that the fly fishing has been knocked on the head.

Did I mention the breakfast?

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Never had anything to eat down there when I've been but the food always smells good. The traps there seem good, i shoot there and the odd time down at langar when it's on.  

I am actually on here looking to try and get some pigeon shooting whether it be a few times out with someone to learn or what I don't mind. However can't yet post in that forum, but if anyone just shoots pigeons and doesn't mind someone tagging on I'm all ears. 👍


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