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8 hours ago, chrisjpainter said:

I thought that was for living animals?

No, there are different types.  You need an A10 to be in possession of a protected species, dead or alive.

For example, if you own a live goshawk you need an A10 for a live specimen.  If it dies and you want to keep the carcase for taxidermy then you need to return the live specimen a10 and request one for a deceased specimen (not sure what the correct version of the form is called, but it is still an A10 I believe)

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I should say that there is a degree of grey area in relation to finding a bird in these circumstances and for the less "rare" species you can probably get away with just documenting where and when you found it, and as long as it is not offered commercially for sale then you can probably get away with no A10 for a tawny.

Only problem is in this day and age is that some no-gooder who knows you shoot could cause you a lot of bother with a false allegation and you not being in a position to prove where you got the owl from.  The A10 would provide your evidence/authority in effect.

Check with a taxidermist or NE to cover your **** (back) would be my advice.

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You only need an article 10 certificate if you are going to sell the bird,. Take it to the Taxidermist make a note of of the circumstances of the bird demise also any injuries this is so it can be entered into his log. As you are requiring him to stuff the bird neither of you are selling the bird, you are buying his services. As I said before you will only need a licence if you decide to sell it  

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