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places to try guns in California

Old Bull

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Planning a trip to California next year and I would like to have a go with some handguns and machines guns at a range whilst i'm over there. I think California has fairly strict gun controls so I might be better going to Nevada for a day or two? Looking for recommendations on where I could go in either state and what guns you guys would recommend trying out! Also whats the legality on bringing a couple spent cases back to the UK?

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Battlefield lasvegas is the Mecca of shooting machine guns in Nevada.  California is the most liberal state in the union.  Plus Vegas is a cool town if your into hookers, gambling, all you can eat buffets and general debauchery. 

https://www.battlefieldvegas.com/ not cheap but open 365 days a year.  Much cheaper to rent at Big sandy shoot, but that’s only twice a year.  But they fly r/c airplane to shoot at and other cool stuff. 

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I went to Gun Garage in Vegas which was excellent, I shot everything from handguns through to semi automatic rifles. My absolute favourite was the Desert Eagle, it was like a cannon! I got a deal on the Las Vegas Groupon which worked out pretty good, all the big ranges offer pick up/drop off from hotels too. 

Can't comment on the hookers 😇 but Vegas is an awesome place to visit, so much to do. 

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