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Yesterday we went beating on another shoot after getting soaked on Friday. 

Even though we met at 8.15 am we didn't get started until around 10 am and raining again. We set off working down a hedge line  ( young dog's and straight hedges can be tricky) I have never seen so many pheasant in such a confined piece of land. Within 5 minute's Stan was having to be told multiple time's before doing what was asked, when I blew the whistle you could see spray come out of the whistle due to the rain. 

After 2 or 3 time's not stopping on the the first whistle I has to put him back to where first asked, now I don't know if it was down to water in the whistle or just the shear number of bird's, 20 + at a time and Stan was a little overwhelmed with it all. I was now begining to think it was all going to go wrong even though he hadn't chased anything. It took around 30 minutes for him to settle down and do what was required, anyhow 2 drives and 2 hour's later they had exceeded the days bag limit. 

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