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3 hours ago, panoma1 said:

Dunno, but Bercow is a Tory MP/Politician, it would confirm his bias, if the Tory’s didn’t and another party nominated him!....and which party would he represent in the Lords ?......Lib Dem? Green? Labour? A N Other? Cross dresser? (sorry crossbencher?) lol!

I would of thought he was the wrong religion for Labour.

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On 30/10/2019 at 21:09, redial said:

He is his own biggest fan for sure.

No doubt going on to make another fortune - a book or two, chat shows to promote them, directorships, game show host.

Oh  no, strictly come dancing.

He would make a good darts commentator, or bingo caller

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27 minutes ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

hello, i can just see that,  180 order order !!!, or 88 2 fat ladies order order !!!!, latest news he wanted 1 million £££££ to go on, GET ME OUT OF HERE !!!!!!  

might be worth a whip round to MAKE HIM STAY THERE !!!

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I wonder who will get the job?


Chris Bryant - former minister and shadow Commons leader; Labour MP for Rhondda since 2001

Harriet Harman - former minister and deputy Labour leader; Labour MP since 1982, for Peckham and its successor constituency Camberwell

Meg Hillier - chairwoman of the Public Accounts Committee and former minister; Labour MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch since 2005

Sir Lindsay Hoyle - elected Labour MP for Chorley in 1997; elected deputy Speaker in 2010

Dame Eleanor Laing - elected Conservative MP for Epping Forest in 1997; elected deputy Speaker in 2013

Sir Edward Leigh - Conservative MP for Gainsborough since 1983; former chairman of the Public Accounts Committee

Dame Rosie Winterton - elected Labour MP for Doncaster Central in 1997; former Labour chief whip; elected deputy Speaker in 2017

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