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Fresh muntie liver not to waste

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The liver I had from that muntie yesterday had been washed half a dozen times to get the excess blood away and I decided to cook it a slightly different way to the way I normally cook venison liver.

I found we did not have any porridge oats but found one Wheatabix...that'll do.  Three eggs and some Tpony C's Cajun mix.  Hot skillet with some oil.  Sliced the liver nice and thin 1/4 inch or so, then dipped it in the first egg which i had whisked and added a goodly shake of Tony's, then rolled it in the Wheatabix which I had crushed up into small pieces.. I then put these pieces in the sizzling skillet.

Cut a couple of slices of bread and dipped these in the hot fat and laid them aside.  Whisked up two more eggs in the remaining dipping mixture.  Checked the liver and flipped it over...cooking nicely and the wheatabix is doing the job ..... it keeps the liver off the hot surface so it doesn't go like leather.  Oats are better but this is working fine.  Liver looks cooked through so now tip the beaten egg over it.

When it looks solid I cut it in half ...easier to flip it ....flipped it over and cooked the other side for a few minutes.   Transferred to a warm plate and put the two pieces of bread in the skillet and gently pressed down till they started to brown. Popped these on top of the liver and away to the table.  I did get a bottle of HP out but the taste was just awesome so did not add any.

So many venison livers, particularly roe and munty, are thrown away when they can be made into a very tasy meal.






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I always eat the liver and kidneys,  so many ways to enjoy them. Indeed tomorrow's lunch will involve those of my first roe doe of the season that I shot today.

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