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Wirehaired Vizsla

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I`m after some advice again please, I recently had a weekend`s rough shooting and our host had a pair HWV that we shot over and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the dogs work and got it in to my head that they would be the breed I would look to work next.

I`ve had my spaniel now for two years and he`s a brilliant dog that does all I need of him however I understand there will be major differences in training & handling a pointer compared to a spaniel and I just wondered if anyone could share their own experiences with Vizsla`s and any inside tips on them, if I was to go ahead in the future.

Thank You !

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Firstly..... viszlas smooth or wire hair are different to any other dog I have known and to get the best from one you have to understand that.  They are even different to GSPs etc.

This is why the Viszla Society get so many handed in because they ..don't fit....and ...the potential owners haven't a clue about the breed.

I have had five and had loads of fun with them.  You must be firm and make a strong bond, they do not kennel well and sometimes are difficult to put in kennels for holidays unless the kennel owners are pointer/viszla trained.  We always had home/viszla sitters and even then they where folk who knew the breed.

Am I putting you off ...hope not because they are superb hunting pals and will never tell you a lie.

I purchased my first one through Louise Petrihay (hope I spelt that right) from Inkberrow and she looked at me in disdain but I heard she was doing the rounds on me and eventually she rang and said she had reserved the first puppy of a litter by the dog I had foolishly suggested I should buy from her ...."He's far to clever"   ..she didn't say "for you" but I read into it.  She knew viszlas back to front and was just making sure this one ws going to a good home.  We fetched that first one from the Suffolk coast, round trip 300 miles but old Sika was well worth it and we had 14 brilliant years with him.

Check out the Viszla Society and see if they have any training trials arranged.   

My friend also had one of the best hunters I have known.  I had him for six months and taught him his manners and he was always my best friend as a result.

Deisel became notorious for suddenly going missing after a drive and Roger would shout, Deez would then appear almost always carrying a dead pheasant we had missed or snook in as in the photo from behind without being seen. Hilarious.



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Thank you for your response, I appreciate it.

 I had read about the issues with kennelling them and also how they don`t react well to a telling off. I`m glad you mentioned the Vizsla society and I`ll definitely have a look in to that.  As with my spaniel I done my research and studied training methods prior to him coming home and I believe that put me in good stead. Do you know of any Vizsla training books or DVD`s I could purchase to get a head start ? 

I`ve always been told don`t by a dog on appearance, base it on what you`d actually need out of the dog. So this leads me on to my next question, my main forms of shooting are a days in the pigeon hide, followed by rough shooting & the odd flight pond due the game & wildfowl seasons. In your experience would you believe a Vizsla be capable in all three forms ? 

By the way what a pair stunning dogs (apologies if they are the same dog), I`m not sure there`s ever been a more regal breed however I`m maybe being bias as I`m part obsessed with them at present.

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