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Driven shoot last Staurday

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Always enjoyed reading these things, so about time I contributed.

Horrible weather in the south east, so a bit nervous about what to expect. I was back gun placed in a wood with the rest of the guns to the front of the wood  on the first peg, so had no great expectations. As it turned out, the birds had built up speed by the time they got to me and shooting through the gap in the canopy was exciting. Two misses, two kills and half a dozen that were so fast I didn't get to raise the gun. The rain had started by stand 2 and the birds weren't interested in my end of the field, so no action. Right at the end a flurry appeared, but so low and slow that they weren't worth shooting at. Stand 3 was ducks and by now, the wind and rain were building up and the  ducks moved like rockets, gaining height all the time, and so were sporting shooting (unlike some duck drives). I was in the right place and very pleased with the two I bagged. The final drive on a slope in a ride through woods. The birds decided to fly down the ride and had gained enough height by the time they reached me to be very sporting shooting. Two hens and a cock and by now, we were all thoroughly  

We were joined by a group of Dutch shooters who were good company. Much of the attitude to field sports in the Netherlands is dictated by the Green Left party, the name telling you all you need to know about them. Their wives joined the beaters, which led to the amusing call after the briefing 'Dutch lady beaters please follow me'.

Really enjoyable day, strangely improved by the awful weather. Huge whiskey when I got home to wring out the gun and wet-through equipment. 

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