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Dorset static target shooting wanted, air gun /.410

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    Hi all, Since moving a few years ago I have not had any land local to me to shoot, and 3 1/2 hours drive to where I do have permission is a bit far. Also I don't have enough money to keep paying for time at the local clay range.

    I am trying to find some land in south Dorset or any where up to about 1 hour from Weymouth.

    I am looking for some quiet[not busy] out of the way land to shoot a .410 and also air rifles/pistol at static only targets: paper, metal, and maybe the odd static clay, range 30 to 100 yards. [bonus if there is any rough shooting available [I only shoot what I intend to eat] or if I can use my small clay thrower and 12 bore. But like I said I am mainly hoping for static targets that I will provide my self]

    Family is of mixed ages ranging from 5-92  and we all enjoy shooting [mainly it would be my self 29 and a 92 year old], we used to like spending a nice morning/afternoon 2-3 hours every other week or so having some fun on targets and a picnic as just some family fun.

    I will also say that the 92 yo cant go walking across fields and fields or very uneven terrain to get to a shooting area sadly so for the purpose of that it would need to be suitable for someone who is less able but still very keen.


    Thank you in advance and anyone has info on places I can contact it is very welcome.


    PS: We don't leave a mess, only thing we don't pickup and take home with us is the smaller parts of broken clays as that would take for ever.

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