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Very basic puppy training

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He is just being a pup, feeding time hold his bowl of food up in the air whilst stood in front of him and only lower it when he is sitting. If he jumps up for it turn your back on him, repeat until he starts sitting and waiting. 

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35 minutes ago, bruno22rf said:

Signs of a good Dog - the rest should be easy (ish) - never lose your patience with him - never punish him more than a gentle tug on the ear and a harsh tone - overboard on praise in the early days and keep him interested by varying your lessons. Oddly enough, and without getting all girly, I was out with the Dogs a couple of days ago and, as my mind wandered, I was trying to think what, of everything I have ever owned (including Ducati's and Ferrari's) has given me the most pleasure in my life and it turns out, thinking about it, that it's my Springer - he amazes me just about every day, he rarely leaves my side for more than the time it takes him to retrieve but, most important, he goes ape whenever I come home - in short he is the best mate I could ever hope for.

and that should be what it is all about.  

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