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No steel shot at Park Lodge

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Sporting Targets in Bedfordshire, the well known best Clay Shooting Ground in the Country, also well known for hosting the good old Pigeon Watch Charity shoots will allow you to use steel shot on the ground, but do not normally sell it in the shop!

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4 hours ago, JTaylor91 said:

Does anybody know why park lodge don’t allow steel shot to be used? Asking only out of curiosity.


4 hours ago, figgy said:

Supposed ricochet of steel shot, it's why it's banned a nearly every ground.


1 hour ago, Fuddster said:

I believe its a definite no due to richochet.




3 minutes ago, mudpatten said:

They`ll be going out of business soon then.

If it is the supposed risk of ricochet, it must be an extremely low probability, topped off with the fact that everyone should be wearing eye protection!


I do know that Sporting Targets (the BEST ground in the country) do stipulate that steel cartridges must not be used on their pattern plate

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