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Water proof dog bedding ideas anyone ?

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Hello all,

I have 7 dogs, A German Shepherd and 6 working Cockers. ( yes I know I'm mad !) they live outside in a kennel I made myself approx 8x5x 8 foot high it is double lined and has a swing door which self closes they have a large yard they use  as a run, They have always slept in large plastic dog beds but as one of them is getting on in years I am eager to add some bedding I've been using straw but as its been so wet this year this doesn't last very long before it is soaked. Can anyone recommend any other material I could use ?

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I use these covers and fill them with a cheap duvet. It depends if any of your dogs chew as they are not chew proof.

They can be washed on a low heat setting when grubby and the duvet washed when needed to freshen it as normal.

There are a number of waterproof covers or complete beds on ebay.

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