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410 reloading questions

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Hi all, me again.

I am rather confused, I am looking on http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/shotgun and trying to work out whats what.

step 1: 410
step 2: 3"  [does it matter what 3" cart i use? I was just going to use some spent eley 410 extralong that i have.]
step 3: lead [6,7,8 but not all at the same time]
step 4: 11/16oz [19.5 grams]
step 5: Hodgdon
step 6: H110
Primer: Fed.209A or Win. 209 [can i use a different one eg: cheddite CX50?]
Wad: Fed.410SC or WAA41 [if i cant get ether of them is there a way to know what else i can use?]
Grs: 14.9 or 15

I fully understand how dangerous reloading can be even more so when you don't listen/read the info, hence why I am asking the above three questions and also the ones below.

Wad length i want to use a fibre wad, does the length of the wad affect anything? eg: if i use a shorter fibre wad [5 mm to shorter] can i just cut the cart down by 5 mm instead of using overshot cards?

Do all 410 carts use the same size primer? how do I know what will and wont fit?

Any sites/forums that have good and reliable info for reloading that is relevant for us in the uk?


Sorry if any of my questions are daft but i have never looked at this side of shooting before a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I reload .410 with Hodgdon 110 with up to 21grm lead too which I put through the Birmingham proof house which I have to say that they are great people there. Anyway, I use Fiocchi hulls which are primed already but when reloading them (replacing the primers) I use cx2000 or cx50 they both seem to work fine 14.5 grains of H110 and with 7.5 lead in at 19.5 grms they break clays at the same range as a 12bore. Why shouldn't they? Its not the gun its what comes out of it and is a product of mass(weight) times velocity so if you fire a 7.5 lead pellet at the same speed out of the barrel as a 12 bore it will do the same job. So many people say its out of range for a .410 that is not correct, failure to break clays in a .410 is more likely down to bigger gaps in the pattern due to the reduced load of lead (compared to a 12 for instance )at a more distant range.

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