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Weekend cars... what do you have?

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Ok all just thought id see what your into.. ive had many fast cars in my past from an early age, however me and the wife bought a house and have been renorvating it for 3 years whilst living in it, £60.000 ish down empty bank and now were pretty much done. My last car i had was a VW Golf Gti mk5... not too fun but the car before that was a 2003 Ford Focus Rs mk1 designed and tested by Colin Mcrae WHAT A CAR at 400+hp tuned. Im now at the point where i have no money buy one but iching so bad to buy another only this time the 2.5Litre 5 Cylindre Turbo mk2 Focus Rs.. running 450hp +...


These vary between £21,000 and £27,000. However id need a loan and to get the payments down to the best monthly cost would be to spread them over 8 years........ 🙄 with this in mind of not selling it. However id be paying about £6,000 intrest... 


Really starting to make me feel fedup as ive found the one i want and been told by some go for it... and my Dad...... saying 8 years too long... and with Jeremy Corbyn etc you may end up paying more on Tax etc.... 


What would you do.... and what cars do ypu hqve stashed away for dry days/ track days etc

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My weekend car is exactly the same as the one I drive doing the week , never been into fun cars , all I want is to get from A to B in reasonable comfort , touch wood I have never had to take a loan out to buy a motor , apart from my first house , throughout my life have the same rules have applied , if I could not afford it then I didn't buy it .

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For 40 odd years I've chopped and changed between Volvo's and Land Rovers. From an ex military series 1 Land Rover to a Series 2 disco. Often running two at the same time. Volvo 240s & 245s. Had a couple of other 4x4s, Nissan and Ford.

Currently running possibly the last Volvo XC70 off the production line. Acquired new in 2016 and fully loaded with every conceivable extra Volvo could get in with it being the last one.

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Putting yourself into hock for eight years for a car that will probably be a fridge or a spin dryer well before the debt is paid off, is not a sound move!......but if you don’t do it, not only will you not have to pay the repayments and interest every month for 96months!.....but you will have this amount of money in your pocket, to save or spend every month enjoying your life!....no brainier really!

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I have the very best fun car there is.....a 30yr old Landie which has had a 4litre V8 stuffed in the big hole up front. Takes me anywhere I wish to go....left a new fangled all singing all dancing Disco floundering up a 45deg grassy slope last week and will gracefully whiz me down the motorways at the legal limit....honest occifer...

In order to enjoy a journey with my wife aboard I also have a ten year old Jag X type 2.6 Estate with AWD. This motor is about the only one not slated by Clarkson who actually enjoyed every moment of his test drive.  Picked it up a for four grand four years ago one lady owner full service history etc etc.  A joy to drive and gets us in comfort from A to B just as efficiently as some boy racer machine costing 10 times as much.

As a run around we have a little three cylinder engined Skoda which never seems to need any fuel and will happily cruise at the legal limit for ever and goes from A to B with great efficiency.

Had a Wolsley Hornet Mini bodied rocket back in the 60s with a full race 998cc engine which I rallied. Minilite wheels and all the gizmos. Great in the days when you could scream around the Welsh Hills all night but those days have gone.  Rallying now is just racing in the forests etc. and so boring.

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2003 Jaguar Super V8 saloon, its a sovereign spec car with the XJR supercharged motor, im on a mission to mod it from 395 to 500 bhp,  last run on the rollers was 404  with no money spent just smoothing out the inlet tract, exhaust, 200 cell cats,tubular manifolds, uprated intercooler and pump, smaller pulley and a map should do it.


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Wow this took off haha. Some nice motors there. 

Think your all full of sense where as no matter what people say i still want to get one lol... maybe a good idea to lay off it for a bit to see how i feel qnd if i get any cash gatgered other ways.


So sweeeet....



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