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Ponsness Warren shell holder /die

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With a lack of machinist in my area I’m hoping one of you knowledgable guys could point me in the right direction

i need a Ponsness Warren shell holder die made up for 3” 410 shells I have the shorter 2 1/2 and taper shell holders

Ponsness Warren no longer sell these so after all avenues exhausted of where to get one I hope I can get one made up

has anyone had any made up before if you have could you please pass on the contact details to me

many thanks in advance



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I have just put a feeler out for you on the Shooters Forum in the USA to see if any member there might have one or knowledge of one. Certainly not the sort of item you would find on the sidewalk in the UK but very likely to find one in the States. I will see what comes back or you can look yourself on The Shooters Forum,  shotguns and shotgun reloading...

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