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Chimichuri sauce

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I was in the gym this morning and James Martin was on the TV but I was listening to my music. However the text was on and I was idley reading and listening to my music. 

On my phone so not going to get the recipe url, however I made it as I saw/ read it. It was a spatchcocked chicken on croutons (you need to watch it) with chimichuri sauce.

Large banana shallot

Large clove garlic

One green and one red chilli, thumb sized like you get in the supermarket (I added a zingy homegrown one but check before adding more spice)

Bag of mint, but stripped of leaves

Bag of coriander

Bag of parsley


Red wine vinegar and olive oil in dressing quantity; 1:3.

Whizz it to hell in a blender adding the vinegar and O-O  to lubricate into a soft paste. 

Freaking awesome with chicken, will be good with lamb or pork. I think it would be great with samosas, pakora etc and obviously with Mexican food

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It's the elongated one.

Have to say it needs a little sugar to temper the chilli if you are using it immediately, later in the day it was a little calmer, and the next day it was a pussycat so we added some lime and it lifted it nicely.

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