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My 14 year old daughter’s endeavours


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2 hours ago, B725 said:

OK BB I will have a camo lanyard, I can pay you anyway you like as long as its bank transfer, I just bought 2 trailing leads @ £12 each it's pity or she could have made me those as well.


Thank you! You’ll probs still have my bank details from the photo I expect? 🤔🤔😊

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39 minutes ago, Centrepin said:

Don't do Facebook but the Mrs had a look and liked it and has given it a share 👍

Good luck to her 


48 minutes ago, Shearwater said:


Thank you both and everybody else who has looked and/or liked and/or shared or even just taken a look 😊👍 

2 minutes ago, B725 said:

I do, just to check £6? and delivery? 

The £6 includes the delivery 😊

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1 hour ago, B725 said:

Lanyard arrived today its very well made thank you. 😊👍

Brilliant thank you glad you like it ❤️


1 hour ago, JTaylor91 said:

I’m not on Facebook but I’ve asked the mrs to like the page. Please could you pm me some payment details I would like to purchase a lanyard.

She’s on it thank you!


Rosie and I are both overwhelmed by the support from the PW massive, thank you all!

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15 hours ago, hawkeye said:

Hi big bird are the lanyards long enough to hang a thermal spotter round your neck

like the camp one if they are it could sort my presents out for a couple of shooting mates 

Hiya! How long would you need them or how far down the body do they need to hang 🤔🤔

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6 hours ago, hawkeye said:

Hi big bird can you pass my thanks on to little bird lanyards arrived a couple of days ago they are perfect length and very well done...

All the best for xmas to you all XX

Ah thank you I just have!!

All the best to you too! Xx

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On 03/01/2020 at 10:21, Demonic69 said:

Hi Bigbird

Do you reckon your little entrepreneur would be able to make 12G pull-throughs / Bore Snakes?

Just been looking at buying one, then I remembered this thread and thought she might be able to expand her product line



Oh my goodness sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! Ooh what a good idea, I’ll het her to look into it!

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