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I’m booked in on Sunday to shoot on a couple of rape fields no idea if there will be any birds there but if there is and looking on google maps where set up place with cover will be possible  the wind is forecast NNW So is wind in the face better than sun in the face or vice versa 

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On our local rape fields the pigeons hit them now first thing in the morning , if disturbed they laze about till late morning then start moving back on the rape , they then carry on feeding till about 3pm , maybe a little earlier if it is a dark afternoon .

I would say I would sooner have the sun in my eyes and the wind on my back , then the pigeons would be flying into the wind and the sun would be behind them , you might be able to decoy them sideways so you wouldn't be looking into the sun and the wind would be blowing right to left or the other way round.

If I have been going the last few weeks, I would have been only to pleased to have the sun in my eyes rather than the heavy rain we have been getting virtually every day for the last month or more . 

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13 hours ago, JDog said:

He never went as he was too busy putting up his decorations.

Ha ha .....I did go but there wasn’t a pigeon in sight the gas guns must have been doing there  job  so just sat and watched for a while while eating my pack up  so hopefully better luck next time I go 


13 hours ago, dead eye alan said:

Soooooooooooooo ------------------- what happened next?


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