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First attempt at sheath making

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Ive not been getting as much knife making in as id like recently due to a new job. i have made a few and will get round to writing them up and posting them eventually. I bought some leather tools a while back and have finally got round to using them. I have made one sheath before at a knife making taster day but a lot of the leather work had been pr-prepared so this is the first one from scratch.

i started with a paper template (knifes the wrong way round in the picture i know) and then transferred this to the leather and cut it out.



I then wetted the leather and had a go at some stamping, the outside edge pattern was OK but i went a little wrong with the pattern in the centre.


i dont have photos for all the steps as i got a bit carried away with what i was doing, but i then shaved some of the leather out of the center and wetted it again to allow it to fold easily. i then used a tool which i dont  know the name of to mark the stitch line, this was quite satisfying to use and for a cheap kit really well made. It has a small sharp hole which cuts a circular cross sectioned sliver out of the leather.



next i cut the welts, which protect the stitching from the blade as well as allow some room for the handle to fit in.




These are roughed up with sand paper first before being glued together with contact adhesive.Once the glue had fully dried i used the pricking irons to mark the stitch holes, once they were marked i drilled them through with a hand held drill. i started using a bradel but found that hard work.



i shaved the edge of the belt loop to allow it to fit smoothly when glued.


i then started the stitching, i used a saddle stitch which uses two needles, one at each end of the thread and both needles pass each other in the opposite direction going through the same hole.




next a bit of leather die and a bit of wet forming around the handle.






Once the leather has dried ill use some boot polish and a heat gun to both shine and protect the leather. Its not perfect but a good starting point, i really enjoyed making this and am looking forward to making some more. even though the stamping isn't great you don't really notice it once its been dyed and folded. i'm making a friend a filleting knife so once i've finished the handle i'll be making a sheath for that next, i'll take my time a bit more with that one and hopeful i'll be able to see some improvement.


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quite right, its been a long day lol now edited

6 minutes ago, Old farrier said:

Good stuff 

well done and for a first time a good result 

thanks for posting and the pictures are very informative 😊👍

Thanks mate, i will also get round to making some tongs at some point honest. 

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4 minutes ago, markyboy07 said:

quite right, its been a long day lol now edited

Thanks mate, i will also get round to making some tongs at some point honest. 

The weather is against outside jobs stick with the leather work 😊👍

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If that is your first crackl at it then top marks, very nice.   When I block a sheath...er sorry sheaf :lol:....I make a pattern in wood the same shape as the knife. I then make a set of male and female  pattern blocks which this copy of the knife will fit in. I then wet the leather and trap the two sides of the sheath between with the wood copy acting as the knife. However yoiurs is a fold over sheath whereas mine are stitched all the way around. Just another way of doing it.   Excellent result. 

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