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Shotgun greasing

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49 minutes ago, martinj said:

clean it all off and replace it frequently.

This is probably the most important point ........ because as you clean the old oil/grease away, you take away the abrasive dirt/grit/dust.

51 minutes ago, martinj said:

I can't see that using oil OR grease would make a whole lot of difference as long as there is always some kind of lubricant on the contact surfaces

This as well.

Finally, I would add that it only needs a very little of whatever you use.

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Plus one for Schmierfix. I am a sucker for Special oils and greases I have them all.

Had never heard of Schmierfix until this thread so thought I would give it a go. "it's very sticky"

Went for a shoot yesterday and as usual cleaned the Browning afterwards taking of  all the old oil and grease and lubed the hinge pin and knuckle with the new grease. Gun us fairly new and has it's new stiffness which means the barrels have the annoying habit of needing a little extra tug to open fully. Not now! they fall open completely. Must tell us something.

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Aeroshell 64, high pressure moly grease deigned for helicopters and aircraft (but I work in the industry). Seriously though, working with things that operate in much harsher environments than any shotgun the philosophy is always less is more or none at all if possible. I probably lubricate my guns a few times a year or if they get wet.  Usually a good wipe down with a decent silicone based cloth and then store them away.

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When I replaced my Browning 525  which I had only lightly oiled after every use with an MK38 the supplying dealer (Mid Wales SG) greased the gun up before I used it.

I picked up off either a similar thread on here or the Shoot Clay Forum to use Red'N'Tacky grease and Lucus Gun Oil

Having purchased the MK38 I have subsequently carried on this greasing regime with the Red'N'Tacky grease apart from the ejectors which I used the Lucus Gun oil on.

What is very obvious as I still own the B525, is the amount of 'scoring' within the action compared to the MK38,  which still looks like  new, as both have had the same amount of cartridges through them at this point. 

Also the MK38 is still tight where the B525 feels looser by comparison.

I intend to carry on greasing the MK38 as its no hardship as part of the cleaning process.




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