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Venison back strap recipes

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Marinade in olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar, garlic and black pepper overnight. 

Really hot pan, sear on all sides, 30 seconds each side. 

5 minutes in a hot pre heated oven, out of pan and rest for 8 minutes. 

Deglaze the hot pan with red wine and reduce on heat, slice and pour over. 

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I took some of your advice thanks guys. Fried in salt pepper, olive oil and butter with a touch of garlic and soy to brown off for a minute. Then oven for 5 mins at 180 then off to rest. Served with a roast potatoes parsnip and carrots and pan fried asparagus. Topped with red wine and cranberry cooked sauce into the juices. 10/10! Thanks! 


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Coat in olive oil and salt. Throw in to hot pan with no additional oil until well browned. Take them out and rest for 10 minutes. Slice. Pop in to oven for few minutes to warm them up and serve. Middle will be rare, but no blood.  For something a bit different, Mrs Houseplant made a really nice carpaccio. Fairly standard recipe I think.   

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I did a write up on here I think on a couple of muntie backstarps I did and I also did a roe backstrap the same.


Got some wild boar and cranberry pate from Aldi and some smoke streaky bacon at least twelve slices for a muntie one. 

Having trimmed the silver skins and other attached bits, take a sharp knife and butterfly it.  If you have not done this before you make a long wys cut half way the thickness of the backstarp but do not go all the way throug, leave enough for a 'hinge' . Then on a sheet of baking paper lay out the strips of smoked bacon side by side, closely, even slightly overlapping, then lay the backstrap on these along one edge and open it up. take pieces of the wild boar pate and lay this along the backstrap on one side only so you can fold the other half on top. When enough pate has been spread fold the sides together. Then very carefully take the edge of the paper and lifting it, roll the whole together and if you ahve it right the backstrap should finish up rolled in smoked bacon.  Very difficult to put into words but hope you understand. The paper just keeps it all together. Then carefully lift it onto a baking tray dres with a very light oil, olive or grape seed and season with whatever seasoning you enjoy.  I have mentioned Tony Chatterie's on here before which is excellent with anyhting.  Bake it until it comes up on your meat thermometer beef rare...I usually start it at 200 and drop back to 180, maybe covering it with foil for the last 10 to 15mins.  Hot or cold there is never any left.

It is easier to use baking paper as you can simply lift the whole thing on the paper onto the tray and the paper can stay there.

I also marinade and season back strap and then hot smoke it.  Cold sliced very thin when you have friends in for a meal or party with drinks, again there is rarely any left and it freezes very well.

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