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I have a second dog a labrador bitch that is 8 months old, all is going well with no causes for concern apart from random barking.

She has been well socialized and is fine around other dogs, a little scared of them to start in fact! However if she see's people or dogs, she does a very low bark.Or sometimes just random barks when theres nothing there.

I've tried ignoring it, reassuring her, or NO and even taking her to very busy people/dog places which she calms down and stops barking but this hasn't cured the barking.

Any advice or just hope she grows out of it?


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Sounds like excitement. I would give a sharp tug on a slip lead and a stern No which I guess is what you are doing. You can also try stepping across in front of and facing her so it is clear it is not acceptable behaviour. I don’t think that ignoring it in the hope that it will stop is an option. I don’t want to be defeatist but barking can be a b....r to stop. I have one that randomly barks in the kennels and I just have to get out and tell him what I think.

good luck

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Must jump on it now. A firm NO!! QUIET!! any time she starts  for a beginning.  I have a problem with a constant barking labrador that gets dropped off opposite our property because the owner cannot leave it at his own house and it will bark continually for three to four hours without stopping. A serious pain.  If you don't get on this quickly you could end up with the same problem.  The pup is 8 mnths old and I assume she knows what NO!! means.  In the past I have just put my hand across the dogs face and given a serious NO!! which eventually only needed a quiet NO for the dog to shut up.   I want a dog to bark but also to stop when told or when not necessary.  Living in the countryside a few wuffs from a dog can be usefull.

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