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It's our Christmas shoot this coming weekend and we are all taking along some food. 


What do you all normally take for food on the shoot? Some of them are bringing stuff that requires a plate, knife and fork 😮 ... God I would have thought finger food would be best. 

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There are so many options but on a recent shoot I was short of time to make my normal game pie and went on the scrounge round the aisles at Aldi. Found all sorts of titbits and snaffles and with a glass of bubbly(not that French stuff) over pear vodka there was very little left after elevensies.   Normally I will have one of my game pies which consists of whatever road kill there has been down the A444 the week before ...... no kidding honest..... it will consist of one third belly pork but the rest can be a mix of any wild game meats and I include pigeon and rabbit and hare in that. Venison shoulders work well because muntie shoulders in particular are not easy to find a use for but go well in a game pie or venison sausages.  A big fruit cake and some strong stilton also fits in well. 

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I plan on getting some Venison sausages wrapped in bacon from Lidl on Thursday. Cook them Friday night and take them cold on Saturday. Served with either English, Dijon or Honey mustard.  Flask of French onion soup goes down well as you can drink it from a cup, same as consomme.

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