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Goose / pigeon fajita

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Afternoon all thought I would share this recipe.  


1 packet of Smokey bbq fajita seasoning 

2 goose breast or 8 pigeon breasts (whichever you prefer or have ) 






Grated cheese 

First get your goose breasts or pigeon breasts (whichever you prefer both work great) brine them in salty water for 36 hours changing the water inbetween . Once brined take out and wash with clean water then pat dry with paper towels . 

Next if using goose breasts cut in half thickness wise and put in a container or bag and cover with fajita seasoning and shake well for a even coat . For pigeon just drop breasts in whole and shake  . Leave in fridge for a couple of hours . 


Next cut up all your peppers , onions and mushrooms . 


Get your frying pan hot cook meat to whatever style you want . I like medium rare so about 2-3 minute each side . Then leave to rest in a warm oven for 10 minutes for cutting into strips


Next fry up all your peppers,  onions and mushrooms.  

Grate your cheese 

Get meat out and cut into strips

Get wraps out and place a good dollup of sour cream in the middle then fill with meat , peppers , onions and mushrooms and top of with grated cheese . Fold wrap and serve   


Works with duck also . 

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