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Land Rover s111 1980 petrol swb.

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Merry xmas everybody. 

heres one to ponder , thinking of selling my old landy early next year, as above spec,

hard top, side windows, 2 and  quarter petrol. overdrive fitted, cleared last 2 mots.

next due Feb. colour blue. Interior good. Nice tyres.

I have had for about 6 or 7 years. mileage was 86000 when the speedo stopped !

Has a few bad points, jumps out of 2nd sometimes if you let it. only happens since overdrive re fitted so linkage i guess.

speedo doesnt work.

Good points . mega reliable, never uses any water, presume tax exempt/mot soon. 

First registered April 1980.

Very straight motor. Dont do pics yet but will try next year.

Offered to any  pigeon watch members to ponder before advertised properly.

Looking 4k No offers. Thats dirt cheap for one of these. 

Getting too old for spannering now.

Register an interest if you want, not going to sell this side of xmas.

Happy new year.



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Thought it was clear .  -- petrol. also forgot free wheeling hubs.

No pics. Imagination more exciting. also for anyone interested , location is west mids. Dugley.



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A lot of old series jump out of gear for years before they need a new box.

I'd be more interested in the condition of the chassis, outriggers and bulkhead, everything else us just bolt on.


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