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How many Corvids killed in 2020

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Not done as well as other years have we.

Magpie =1

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Jays - 2

Magpies -5

All from squiggle Hide.

One magpie came down to investigate a bouncing squirrel,  bad mistake!

Magpie 8 total.

Jays 1.


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5 outings since 7th April for 143 mixed corvids (Rooks,Carrions,Jackdaws & Hoodies).

All outings were requested,permitted by local FEO's & on a few different farms,all legal & above board under the current lockdown situation & every possible precaution taken.

Highlight was a 110 yard belly crawl to get within range of a Hoodie that was actively terrorising a pair of nesting Lapwings,32gms of No5 'Stone Dead' saw the hoodie being exactly that!,whilst picking up the Hoodie & returning i saw no sign of a destroyed nest but judging by the behaviour of all 3 birds there was definitely a nest nearby,i'm happy in the knowledge that i probably saved it.

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